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Here at Nightgaze, we provide video services to exceed your expectations and create a lasting impression with your audience. From the initial idea, through pre-production, production, and post-production, we will work with you to create the best product for your business. Whatever your video needs may be, contact us to get started and we will dive into your ideas and make your vision come to life.

Generally, we love to create so you’ll be able to take a peek into all our fun projects as they are released. From short films, to commercials, music videos, and wedding films, we hope to entertain and inspire anyone with a passion for filmmaking and storytelling.

As you explore the reaches of our site and take a look at our past film and commercial projects, don’t forget to take a moment and gaze up at the sky. Whether you see stars, the moon, or a haze of clouds - the universe around you is limitless.

Instead of creating the burden of expecting stars - gaze into the full night sky because anything can propel the next big idea.

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Nightgaze logo falling into frame.
Portrait of founder, Rene Gomez.


Acting as Rene’s right-hand man, Jared works closely with Nightgaze to produce the best possible content. He’s worked on multiple productions as a production designer, grip, assistant camera, editor, and more!

Portrait of filmmaker, Jared Hopkins.

rene gomez

As the founder of Nightgaze Studios, Rene leads a dedicated and passionate crew to bring film and commercial projects to life. He has created films since age nine beginning with toys and has since been working his way up to the “real” stuff. As the lead creative he writes, directs, shoots, and edits the majority of the company’s projects.

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